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Location: Worldwide

Work At Home Responding to & Answering Inbound Emails

The Work: Automaticpayday offers you the opportunity to use your great customer service skills from the comfort of your own home. Receive & respond to simple inbound emails  with the help of a pre-established copy and paste answers and responses to the incoming emails.  The work is based on a flexible schedule that suits your lifestyle. Start today, and discover the benefits of being a Remote Email Agent.

The Pay: Earnings you are guaranteed to be paid $19.00 USD for each inbound email that you respond to as per our training.  There is an additional $19.00 weekly recurring on each email which = $76/month per email answer you send.   The average email agent typically earns $360 per day the first month, and income by the 2nd month generally exceeds $9,000 on average.   Exciting vacation package is included.   Pay rate is in US funds.

The Hours: There are no minimum or maximum number of hours you may work.  Scheduling, based on your availability.

Flexible On-Line Scheduling: As a Home Agent you set your availability to suit your lifestyle, while ensuring you are meeting the contacts and inbound message requirements.

The Training: Online training classes and remote tools to support working from your home office.

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Really happy I found Automatic Payday

This income online is awesome. I have been working online for over a year and I finally have found the best and simplest way to make money. While I was working online for much less than I make now with Automatic Payday, I was answering hours of emails which are just part of the communication process, and doesnít exactly put money in your pocket. But all I have to do here is answer emails and I make twice as much with half of the work as I have been struggling to make over the last year. I am very happy I found Automatic Payday.  

Donna L.




I quite my full time job to make more money answering emails for Automatic Payday

 It changed my life, I was at my boring, everyday job where I was bossed around, and finally walked out and didnít know what to do. I came across this site and thought the investment was worth a shot, and I now in no way want to go back to what I used to do, nor find another average 9-5 job in other areas. I get to work at home and basically be my own boss. I work only the hours I want, and the more I work, the more money I make, I have complete control over everything, itís the best.

Cindy R.




I donít know what I would have done without this opportunity

I have a back injury and have been battling a workers comp case, meanwhile in those years of not working and receiving absolutely no income waiting for my case to be decided, I found Automatic Payday. I donít know what I would have done without it. I was unable to work a normal job with no treatment and the pain I was living in. So I thought at least I could try working online, and found this site, which was a dream come true. I can finally take care of insurance and get treatment regardless of my cases outcome. Thank you guys, this was a life saver.

Ken M.



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