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9.  If you are already a Click2Sell member, generate your affiliate link below:



Be sure to replace the xxxxxxx with your Click2Sell affiliate ID:


Your Affiliate Link: 


Your affiliate link (directly to checkout page of the product):    http://xxxxxxx.rebelmoneyaut3.c2strack.com/?checkout


How will I get paid?
We use Click2Sell as an affiliate-merchant processor, so you will receive your commission directly to your PayPal account through the Click2Sell system. Click here to learn more about Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network.

How do you track the sales which I refer to you?
You will get a unique affiliate ID and a link to place on your website, newsletter, etc. Each visitor you send to us will be marked with a special cookie, so even if a sale is made in 6 month after you referred a visitor Ė you still will get a commission!

What do I need to become a AutomaticPayday affiliate?
To join AutomaticPayday affiliate program all you need is a PayPal  account to receive payment and a Click2Sell account to get your unique affiliate link. Donít worry, if you donít have a Click2Sell account Ė itís free and itíll take you less than 1 minute to sign up.



How to get started?

If you already have a Click2Sell account, click here to create your own affiliate link.

If you donít have a Click2Sell account, get one nowĖ itís free.



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You may use any font or color to suit your web page.  Please feel free to improvise, as long as you are honest and the link does not deceive the surfer.   Spammers WILL NOT be tolerated.  Be sure to replace xxxx with your  affilate id


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